From Natalia

Written by Natalia Perez
April 27, 2017

After working for the Accent for three years, I am excited to accept the position to be next year’s Editor-in-Chief. I don’t have a long speech, but I would like to leave a little something to some of the people whom I have worked with and who enabled me to this point.

To our current Accent staff: you are all wonderful, vibrant souls and I will miss working with you all so much. Amid our stressful nights and unfortunate situations, you’ve filled my Monday and Tuesday nights with puns, rants, so many laughs. I have never looked forward to coming to work, but you guys made the Accent office a little haven for me, and I love you guys for it. To Sierra: You are delightfully enigmatic and an overall graceful and intelligent person. It has been a privilege to work under your leadership this past semester, and I’m excited to see where you pour your talents into next. Your words are important and this paper will carry your legacy. I have big shoes to fill, but I’ll take care of your baby for you.

To next year’s staff and our readers: I am excited to work with you and for you, and to encourage our team of writers and designers to pour their passions and talents into a publication they can be proud of.

I have always been scared of trying new things, and I never feel ready for anything, but ready is for people who trust in themselves and want to live comfortable and safe lives. But I have chosen to trust in the One who made me, and take on things that will stretch and grow me in all aspects. I am looking forward to next year and cultivating connections through our media, our stories, and the students who make it all possible.