Letter from the SA President-Elect: Moises Maier

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April 28, 2016

A few months ago, I was longboarding down a particularly steep hill. As I approached a corner at a fairly fast speed, I knew that I was not going to make it. With that in mind, I proceeded to have a bonding experience with a tree right in front of me. As I took the long walk of shame back to my car, I was thankful that I was still alive and despite the pain, able to pick myself up and walk.

Sometimes that is how school feels. In the midst of the excitement we rush forward to the end. Sometimes we crash and burn, and sometimes we succeed. The greatness of falling is learning that we can get back up.

I picture school being better when we are in it together. To crash and fall is terrible, but to do that alone is devastating. My vision for us as a school is that we may become a student body that serves each other. This means that we will have our mistakes, our failings, but we will lift each other up. When we see those classmates who do not have friends, we will befriend them. We will be open and vulnerable, not concerned about a facade or image. We will be genuine in our love for everyone. I believe that we are a great and diverse student body that will continue to grow into a community that cares deeply for all of its members.

I can not accomplish this vision alone. A community based on the wellbeing of its members requires every member to care for the other. Your insight, friendship, and counsel are paramount to this vision’s success, and it is with great excitement that I look forward to working with you all this next coming year.

All the best with finals,