Letter to the Editor: 8-year-old Mom Clarification

Written by Camaren Humphrey-Davis
April 28, 2016

Dear Editor: with respect to the profile, “The 8-year-old mother” in the April 21, 2016 issue, I would like to set the record straight; the girl that was portrayed in those words was not fully me.

The main mission of the article was not to exemplify or draw attention to the things that have happened in my life but to show the everlasting love of Christ and how He puts us back together.

I, at a young age, like so many others, struggled with fitting in. Bullying was something that I faced every day and in order to cope with those stressors, I became involved with the things the article mentioned, however, not all of those were to the severity stated.

I have experienced a prolonged history of self-harm, and when paired with a recreational use of drugs and alcohol, introduced at a young age, this created a temporary form of self-medication rather than a case of clinical addiction. During that time period, I did not have a strong sense of value on my life and even though I did take chances to permanently end it, God intervened.

I have been blessed with a wonderful childhood and a family that is very supportive even though I struggled with a lot of things. I do apologize if the wrong impression was given off to those who have read this article. I pray that the clarification will be well received. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to untangle the web of confusion and disconnect.

H.D. (Camaren Humphrey-Davis)