Letter to the Editor: Concerned Resident

Written by Kelly Plank
February 18, 2016

I recently began attending vespers and convocations and I am shocked at how disrespectful the students are. Often, I can’t hear the speaker because of students talking, sharing with each other things on their phones, and laughing. I decided to move closer to the front. While it is better near the front, the noise level is still bothersome for trying to hear the speaker.

I would like to ask these students a question. If you were at a movie theater and some people behind you were talking, making it difficult for you to hear the movie, would you like that? Not only is it rude to those around you, but it is rude to the speaker. Another question. What if you were the one presenting the message; would you like people talking, laughing, and looking at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and texting?

I know that many of the students don’t want to be there and are only there to get credits which are required. But, can you please be unselfish and consider those around you who might want to be there to gain a blessing? Can you please consider the speaker and their feelings? Can you please refrain from talking during the convocation or vespers?

Here is something to consider. A wise woman told me that she used to travel the world visiting different mission organizations. She said she wondered why she didn’t see more demon possession in America. She then realized that if Satan can distract you and use you to distract others, he has the same effect as possessing someone.

I would expect a Christian school to be more respectful and reverent than I have witnessed so far. I read Dave Smith’s comment about using students much more in leadership if he is president. I would hope that the selection of the students for these positions would be carefully reviewed. Jesus is coming very soon and without appearing to be judgmental, the fruits I see in these meetings are very saddening. Please pray for maturity and the desire to be respectful and Christ-like during vespers and convocations. These are sobering times we are living in. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We can have fun at the appropriate times and in appropriate ways.

I am praying for the students. I am praying for Southern. I am praying for the new president.

Thank you,

Kelly Plank

Collegedale resident.