Letter to the Editor: Hoping for Justice

Written by Austin Greenwood
April 21, 2016

Two prevailing opinions on the justice system exist. The first suggests that police officers and the justice system are incorruptible. This side does not believe in holding police officers or members of the justice system accountable for their actions. The second group believes that police officers and the justice system are dishonorable and corrupt. Neither is correct.

This brings me to the story of Serghei Comerzan, a young Missourian who lives only minutes from my hometown. On August 28, 2015, 20-year-old Serghei Comerzan was riding a motorcycle on highway FF in southwestern Audrain County near Mexico, Missouri. Notably, FF is a winding road that has claimed many lives. Highway Patrolman James Bava clocked Comerzan at 105 mph. In pursuing Comerzan, Bava accelerated to a speed at which he no longer had control of the car, veered off the left side of the road into the opposing lane of traffic, struck a ditch, a fence, and some trees, at which time the vehicle caught fire. Bava unfortunately lost his life in the accident.

Comerzan was being charged with second-degree murder. Court documents imply Comerzan knowingly fled from the officer. It doesn’t take a physicist to know that it takes a while to catch up to someone speeding at over 100 mph when starting from a stop. Likely, Comerzan was not even aware of being followed.

Comerzan is NOT a murderer. Comerzan is a young man who made a mistake ­­­– one that most young adults have made without consequences. The loss of Bava’s life does not justify destroying Comerzan’s for a crime he did not commit.

I pray that the jury Comerzan faces will make the right decision, based on logic, facts, and justice, not on emotion.