Letter To The Editor: Why It’s NOT Our Duty To Vote

Written by Austin Greenwood
April 7, 2016

One article recently published in the Southern Accent attempted to bolster the societally accepted idea that citizens should vote. Why do we accept this notion that it is somehow our duty to vote for the individuals that had enough connections or were rich enough to run for political office? Why should we suppose that we have a duty to support one of these two individuals and their actions, however negative?

But why shouldn’t we vote?

Well it’s simple, really. Anyone who has watched the debate sequence and paid attention to the primaries is aware of our impending choices: Donald Trump, eccentric businessman, or Hillary Clinton, career politician. These individuals are both horrible options for a myriad of reasons. Donald Trump is an egomaniac without a verbal filter. He stirs controversy wherever he goes and manipulates the Republican populace into believing in his ideologies. But Trump is on record calling himself a “New York Democrat,” and has made statements indicating firm support for ideas such as socialized medicine and gun control, issues that his supporters no doubt spent years complaining about when they were touted by the Obama administration. Anyone who has watched the debates should have been able to spot that Trump is more than willing to bend the truth, if not to simply toss it out of the window. If these inconsistencies aren’t enough, he wants to build a wall across over a thousand miles of our border, while we have topped 19 trillion in debt. If anyone really believes that his wall will have any mark of success, I suggest reading up on Spain’s border with Morocco and the Melilla border wall.

What about Hillary?

Hillary is no saint. Here we have a career politician who has been in the national spotlight for a long time, and not always for the right reasons. Her career is steeped in controversy, between using a home server to email classified documents and the Benghazi scandal, she has been busy. To sweeten the pot, she will add to the tax burden many middle class families face. She will undoubtedly increase government spending, based on her history. This is a politician that supported intervention in Middle East which has resulted in around 7,000 or more deaths of our peers who were in the military and the immense cost that Washington Post claims has topped four trillion.

What to do?

Our choices are Terrible Choice #1 and Terrible Choice #2. Both are individuals that are less than honest and are completely inconsistent on the issues. To vote for an individual should not be taken lightly, as throwing your vote their direction is placing your direct seal of approval on their actions, particularly if you had some knowledge of the severity of their faults. Are you willing to place your stamp of approval on Hillary or Trump? I am not. I will vote, but not because it is my duty, and I have little hope that the candidate I support will win. It’s not your duty to vote. It is your duty to be informed. If you choose to vote, do not settle. Vote for someone who espouses ideas you agree with, ideas that will hopefully be grounded in individual liberty and freedom.