How to keep calm during your last month of school

Written by Natalia Perez
April 13, 2017

While college stress may be constant throughout the semester, the last month before finals is probably the most difficult, taking your college stress to an extreme.

Here are some ways to keep stress down and survive the madness.

1. Remove yourself from the stress: Take yourself on a date off campus. Whether you go to your favorite coffee shop or a take a few minutes to walk off campus, do something purely for you and take a break from being around other stressed college students.

2. Sleep: This is probably the most important one, and perhaps the lowest one on our priority list at times. Not sleeping decreases our productivity levels, ultimately draining us mentally and physically.

3. Spend time doing things for fun: I know you’re thinking you don’t have time for this, but to keep yourself sane, balance work with things you like to do in intervals. Take 3-5 minutes of just not doing nothing.

4. Map out what you have to do: When I’m really stressed, my brain is like the candy bins at Walmart. Making a list of everything I have to do makes it tangible instead of a mangled stress-mess in my brain.

5. Exercise: I know, I hate this one, too. But if you muster the energy to do it, you’ll feel more relaxed and energized afterward.

6. Recharge: Beware of burning yourself out. Self care is important. For the sake of your mental and emotional health, know when you need to unplug and reboot.