A cure for coffee

Written by Kaitlin Colon, Daniela Ursulenko
March 23, 2017

The slope into drinking coffee is a slippery one. Its inviting aroma, rich body of flavor and energy boost can quickly send you spiraling out of control. Suddenly you’re drinking three cups a day and wondering how you got here.

Along with commitment to coffee come those signature coffee withdrawals. The headaches, the grumpiness, the lack of energy. While coffee in every form is delicious I sometimes find myself seeking out a healthier alternative.

For those of you who still need a caffeine fix, tea is a healthy option that also provides some energy. Some varieties of tea actually contain nearly as much caffeine as coffee does. Matcha and other types of green tea can help curb headaches while promoting internal health. Want to look young forever? Take a note out of Sir Patrick Stewart’s book and drink some Earl Grey tea, daily.

Feeling adventurous? Kombucha’s acquired taste may leave some asking, “Why did I just ingest that?” But for those willing to try it, kombucha can give you a boost of energy and can aid in digestion and gut health.

Many people will tell you to just drink water. You can do that, or you could drink coconut water. It is proven to be just as hydrating as water in most situations and may help you curb that headache from trying to give up caffeine.