Frothy Monkey: not just another coffeehouse

Written by Kristen Eldred
April 27, 2017

Last month, Frothy Monkey made its first break from the Nashville area by opening in the Chattanooga Choo Choo. If you enjoy exploring Southside Chattanooga or finding cool places to study, I recommend visiting this new coffeehouse and restaurant.

Frothy Monkey is unique because it creates its own signature coffee drinks. These specialties contain house-made ingredients, such as rosemary honey or frothy monkey pecan syrup. My favorite specialty is the “Monkey Mocha,” which includes house-made chocolate and a frothy monkey banana. As a restaurant, the sandwiches, salads and desserts are well-made and average-priced, and there are many options for vegetarians. Waiters service tables from breakfast through dinner.

Free wifi, a laidback atmosphere and friendly workers make Frothy Monkey a welcoming study spot for college students. A great aspect is the seating. Anyone who is a Wired regular knows the struggle: barely being able to find a tiny table, then calmly—yet hurriedly—snatching a booth seat once someone leaves it. At Frothy Monkey, plenty of seating options on the main floor, upper balcony and outside make the chance of scrambling to find a seat less likely.

Wired and Starbucks are comparable, but the food, seating options and signature drinks make Frothy Monkey stand out. Wired mainly offers pastries, and nobody goes to Starbucks for its sandwiches. While 30 minutes can be a drive, Frothy Monkey’s drinks and abundant seating challenges the label of “just another coffeehouse.”