An ode to the basic band tee

Written by Tia Huff
February 16, 2017

The intensity of my passion for music has leaked into my wardrobe and now almost every day you can find me wearing a band t-shirt.

Band t-shirts are great pieces to have in your wardrobe for many reasons. I love being able to sport and support the bands that I enjoy and the designs are often very unique and personal to the artist. What I love most is that they are usually more comfortable and versatile compared to almost every other article of clothing in my closet. Band shirts are even trending in places like American Eagle has started to sell Metallica shirts.

Basic band tees can go with almost any style or look you want to achieve. I can throw on a t-shirt over a comfortable pair of leggings with tennis shoes to get ready with ease. Or I can dress up a t-shirt by tucking it into a pair of high waisted jeans to wear with heeled boots or nice flats. I even wear band t-shirts with skirts to create a cute and casual look.

Modifying basic tees is another fun part of having them in your wardrobe. I always buy band tees one size larger so they remain nice and comfortable even if their cotton blends shrink a bit. A larger size also grants some room to cut or modify the shirt however you like.

I often cut my shirts into crop tops, or simply cut small vertical slits in the collar to create an interesting detail. I almost always give the sleeves a roll or two to give the look another modern edge. Pinterest has countless tutorials on modifying t-shirts from simple snips to complicated creations.

Perhaps the best thing about the basic band tee is they can look good on any body type, and with a personal touch they can compliment any individual style. You can find vintage band tees at many mainstream stores, but nothing is better than supporting your favorite artist by picking up a shirt from your favorite artist at their latest concert or their online store.