Spring Rompers

Written by Natalia Perez, Daniela Ursulenko
March 23, 2017

Do you find rompers daunting?

The seemingly easy-wear, one piece outfit looks great with sandals, flats and heels, and it comes in multiple patterns and styles. But have you ever thrown on a romper and felt it made you look awkward, like it stretches out your torso?

No worries, there is a sophisticated way to pull-off a romper, and it is all about silhouette and styling. Here are some handy tips for finding your type of romper:

Try a sleek, black and white striped romper with a red belt and matching heels for an elegant look.

For a brunch date or a sweet look, try a dusty pink, long sleeved, lace-fringed romper with some flats, or some suede heels for a night on the town.

Lastly, if you’re going for the retro look, try out the overall romper with some floral Doc Martens.