what to wear this summer

Written by Daniela Ursulenko
April 27, 2017

Can you believe it? We are almost done; two more weeks and it will be summer. NWe no longer have to focus on long to do lists; we can finally start thinking about what we will wear this summer. This summer the three main things you should have in your wardrobe are retro sunglasses, beach bags, and printed shorts.

Retro sunglasses are back and you can see almost every blogger wearing them. They are unique because they come in many shapes and colors. It is easy to find the right pair to wear and outfits to pair them with. Retro sunglasses go beautifully with a flowy beach dress, but also they will look great with a flawless pair of pants and a hat. Retro sunglasses are everywhere right now, which means there price ranges for every budget.

Beach bags are such a fun addition to your wardrobe, and you can use them for more than carrying your books, towel, and sunscreen to the beach. They are a fun addition that makes your outfit looks fun and summery. Beach bags are so trendy right now and cater to many styles. They will go great with a pair of jeans and white shirt, or with a cute skirt and sandals.

Printed shorts are always an easy, fun and fast way to make your outfit look summery and bright. You can get them in bold or subtle colors and patterns including flowers, pineapples, flamingos and palm trees. Just put a t-shirt on top and simple sandals and you are ready for the day. They are the number one essential for your summer wardrobe. The shorts make you feel light, easy to move around and no matter how your plants change through the day, you are always going to be ready with your your printed shorts.

Have a fun and a bright summer!