English club hosts Bad Poetry night, reveals competition

Written by Sierra Emilaire
April 27, 2017

On April 23, writers from all disciplines gathered in the back room at Wired Coffee Bar for Bad Poetry Night, sponsored by Writer’s club.

Winning submissions from the Legacy writing competition were announced by Legacy editor, Hannah Wambolt at the start of the program and winners were given the opportunity to read their pieces, which included poems and short stories.

Sierra Correia, freshman English professional writing major, won 1st place in the story category.

“I was surprised at first,” Correia said. “I couldn’t believe that something I’d written was finally going to be published, since it had always been a dream of mine [to be published]. I was excited and told everyone about it.”

Kathy Goddard, faculty sponsor for the Writer’s club spearheaded the process of reserving Wired’s space for the event. “Writer’s club this school year has shifted to events, like the Bad Poetry Open Mic Event and meeting published authors at readings,” Goddard said. “The Bad Poetry event at Wired facilitates the meeting of student writers who have like minds. Such events give an opportunity to read their own work and socialize with those of like mind.”

More than 10 students attended Bad Poetry night, filling Wired’s back room.

“Poetry night was an excellent outlet of expression for writers on campus,” said Wambolt, “Some tinkered with humorous poetry, while others explored the deeper side of the art. Though we had a fantastic time with a small group, I wish there had been more writers present to read and snap-clap for others. I think more people would have come if they knew exactly what goes on at ‘Bad Poetry Nights’.”

Writer’s Club will continue to engage in activities that encourage the gathering of writers. meet at Wired next school year for events like Bad Poetry Night

“We will continue to meet at Wired next school year, thanks to the generous support of Lisa Goolsby,” said Goddard. “And we will continue to engage as writers in an atmosphere of fun and collegiality.”