Collegedale Church celebrates 100 year anniversary

Written by Hannah Jobe | Photo by Collegedale SDA Church
April 27, 2017

Churchgoers enjoyed flash mob style praise music, a groundbreaking ceremony for the three-story church expansion and a new Fenton Forest tale during the Collegedale Church’s 100-year anniversary celebration last Sabbath.

The church held two 100-minute church services that highlighted important moments in the journeys of the church and its affiliated schools. Throughout each milestone of the journey, participants carried one of 12 “stones” to build a symbolic altar like the one the Israelites built in Joshua 4.

Senior Pastor Dave Ferguson spoke more about the symbols of God’s leading in the past and how we are to look to the future.

“We have celebrated today what God has built here over the blessings of the last 100 years and I wonder if you might commit to the next piece,” Ferguson said. “Could we embrace a next step that would include our youngest participating at their fullest alongside our oldest… [this is] Audacious work, not easy stuff. Our God is too big for the small to be all we ask.”

The Gymmasters represented early members, bringing carts, chests and live chickens from Graysville, TN to Thatcher Farms and carried the first stone to the front. Throughout the rest of the program former head pastors narrated the remaining milestones, including education and children, and global and local missions while students from Spalding, CAMS, CA and Southern and volunteers shared music and testimony.

During the second milestone, Gordon Bietz, former head pastor told a new Fenton Forest story where all the animals moved to a beautiful valley and helped create Fenton Forest and all the meeting places they needed to fellowship and worship together. Bietz was asked to create a story that went through the sequence of the buildings that lead to the creation of the current Collegedale Church Building. “So I sat down and wrote it how I used to write them,” Bietz said.

At the end of the service, Bel Canto and Die Meistersinger initiated a flash mob that led into a congregational singing of “10,000 reasons.”

Alex Staton, freshman mathematics major said the flash mob was his favorite part of the event. “[It] was probably the coolest thing ever; the way they all led in was very cool. It gave me chills.”