Final thoughts from your SA president

Written by Moses Maier | Photo by Tierra Hayes
April 27, 2017

About five years ago I walked onto this campus as a young freshman.

At the front of Talge, I saw that some individuals were gathered. I overheard one of the guys say, “Look at all these freshman, I wonder how long they will last, no one lasts all four years.” Well, since then I absolutely lasted four years and have enjoyed my time tremendously. Southern has given me many great experiences. I have learned to love longboarding and rock climbing, I made friends and experienced heartbreaks, and although I changed my major three times I also learned quite a bit in academia. Best of all I drew closer to God, and I got engaged!

It is a bittersweet experience to leave Southern, however it has been a great step in my journey of life. This year, as your Student Association President, I have had the amazing privilege of getting to know many of you better. When the Bible talks about the new Earth, it says that there will be no more pain, tears or crying; God will make all things new. We will be there together with God, and we never have to say goodbye again. I do not know how this year was for you, but I hope that you learned some valuable lessons that will make you a better person. This school year I have prayed that we, the student body, will come to a better understanding of unity and a better understanding of how to serve others. As I leave, I now pray that we will all one day be there together in the new Earth, and never have to say goodbye again.

In life, may we never forget the pain and may we ever remember the joys, least we become complacent in our well being or depressed in our momentary affliction. My wish for us at Southern is that we never give up on each other, that we lift each other up, and that our lives will empower the lives around us to lead this world to a better place with Jesus. Thank you all for the experience of a lifetime here at Southern.

I will miss you all greatly,

Moses Maier