Rain runners race, raise more than $4,000

Written by Tierra Hayes | Photo by Tierra Hayes
April 27, 2017

Nothing, not even the pouring rain, deterred participants of the Color Run 5K on Sunday, April 23.

The run was coordinated by the SA Senate, the leadership society and alumni relations to help build a school in Kyrgyzstan. More than $2000 was raised from the event, which after being matched by SA totaled over $4000 for the project.

Freshman marketing major Mish Hughes ran the race and said despite the rain, she truly enjoyed herself.

“I was really disappointed at first because it was raining so I thought it would be as fun,” Hughes said. “But all of the team and volunteers seemed really excited still so they set the mood for everyone else. The rain lifted, the race started and we honestly were so excited to go through each color stop. At the finish line there were also a bunch of colors that made everyone super excited to run through and complete the race. The people throwing the colors showed a lot of enthusiasm too. It was a really good time and I would definitely do it again.”

The 5K was facilitated by many volunteers who, according to Natalia Pena,() and an organizer of the event, were instrumental in the success of the event.

“Our volunteers were amazing!” Pena said. “We had around 25. They had amazing attitudes and were willing to stand in the rain at 8AM for our cause. Which just goes to show you that college students are willing to volunteer.”

Junior public relations major Braian Gomez ran the race after participating in another school-sponsored 5K on the Friday prior.

“It was my first ever color run and honestly it was so much fun,” Gomez said. I thought I wasn’t going make it because I was still sore from the previous one that friday, but with the motivation of friends and the rain I got through it!”

Pena said that she hopes to soon have future plans in the works to have the race again next year.

“I’m incredibly happy with how the Color Run turned out,” Pena said, “and I’m so proud of my team and all the handwork they put into this. So look out for it again next year! It’ll be bigger and better!”