Life hack with Moses

Written by Moses Maier
April 13, 2017

I have a car that I have affectionately named “The Metronome.”

For the past year and a half, I have driven this diesel Jetta and it has served me well. However, despite driving all over with my car, there is an issue with it. The issue is that there is a continuous tick in the engine. Wherever I go, people just stop and stare as though my car is about to explode. Maybe one day it will, but after having the engine taken apart and nothing being fixed I have decided to drive it until death do us part. All this time, the beloved Metronome just keeps going. It doesn’t have to, and by most accounts it should be dead, but it has persevered.

Sometimes in the last three weeks or so of school, I am tempted to check out. However, the best lesson I have learned in college has been that moments only happen once.

There is no moment like these last three weeks to learn scholastically. There is no moment like now to make a new friend perhaps a lifelong friend. These last three weeks may be the best time God has for us to find Him. Just like my metronome, I need to remember that even if all the odds seem to be against me, even if I should give up, right now is the best time to live. Hang in there and keep making the most of now!

Best wishes, Moses