On Loneliness

Written by Kyle Harris
March 23, 2017

Young people of the 21st century have had to deal with depression and loneliness and it has become a concern in our society. I find myself dealing with the same problems. Many of the things I did were to cover up those feelings rather than deal with them.

I came to this realization on a Saturday night after watching a movie. After it ended, I felt my brain snap back to reality, and all the emotions of reality returned. The experience made me realize how easily I could become addicted to watching movies and how much they affected my emotions.

In a TED Talk by Johan Hari, he mentions a study done with rats about addiction. When the rats were put in a box alone and had nothing to do, they chose heroin water over clean water. However, when they were put into a healthy community with other rats and activities for them to spend their time on, they almost never drank from the heroin water.

This study gives proof that issues with addiction is not the fact the substances give us such great feelings, but because people are hurting emotionally with things like depression, anxiety and loneliness. Instead people try to deal with this emotional trauma by using substances to obtain relief.

Recognizing where addictions come from and beginning to battle the root of their problems would be a good first step to finding a lasting solution. From my own experience, I decided to not watch things that would negatively affect me and instead I have focused on dealing with my feelings by taking my concerns to God.