A solution for the car-less driver

Written by Brandon Beneche
February 2, 2017

I have learned a lot about myself since I started college a few years ago. I realized that I love Sabbath strolls and trips to the gym, I can manage a meal plan pretty well and I am occasionally prone to crippling awkwardness. Moreover, I have discovered something that I truly despise: being the friend without a car.

The friend without a car is different from being the friend without a license. While the friend without a license lacks the right to drive, the friend without a car lacks the means to drive. My carl-less peers and I typically enjoy driving. At the very least, we see its importance.

So, having to rely on others for transportation can feel unnatural. It is a reversion. Furthermore, I do not enjoy feeling like a burden to my friends. I would rather buy my groceries at the VM then ask someone to take me to Wal-Mart, and I would rather have a vending machine dinner then ask a friend to take me on a Saturday night Taco Bell run.

Because of these sentiments, I view Southern’s new electric rental cars as potential solutions to the car-less struggle. For a mere $5, I can take a date downtown without asking a friend to chaperone us. If a group of car-less friends and I want to treat ourselves at City Cafe, we can make it happen. As an added bonus, I will promote environmental stewardship by driving a more eco-friendly vehicle.

I have yet to rent one of these cars; however, as I am a bit nervous about driving someone else’s car. I think of myself as a good driver (don’t we all), but I like to be careful with other people’s possessions. I dread the idea of explaining to Southern that I dinged one of their cars while picking up some burritos.

Still, the benefits of having accessible cars on campus outweighs the risk for me. I like feeling independent. I miss being able to hop in a car and drive off without hassle like I can at home. So, for a few bucks, I would be happy to rent a car from Southern.