Being Broken

Written by Zachary Hagen
March 23, 2017

Pornography is probably the worst problem society has today in reference to sex.

We are conditioned to artificial sexuality brought on through the media that it has almost become normal and people, not just men, fall for this trap every day. We have become complacent in guarding sexuality in the church, but it is up to us to make a change for the better.

Pornography is so easily accessible through the computer and Internet, even children are getting absorbed into the artificial intimacy that this addiction creates.

Many people are addicted and that obsession is destroying the sexuality God intended us to have. It was meant to be a reminder of His love and creative power. Instead, sex is treated like an object of pleasure instead of an act of love and submission. It’s time for confusion, broken marriages, and rape culture to take a backseat to the glory of God’s perfect gift of marriage.

We must find ways to combat this practice in our church and recreate perfection in our homes.