Look at the heart

Written by Zachary Hagen
March 23, 2017

Humans are terrible judges of character. Not only do we constantly dwell our negative judgements in good people, but we also dwell on the sometimes ill-gotten good of bad people. We do not have the necessary foresight to notice people’s capabilities.

Thankfully, God is capable. The story of King David began with an anointing ceremony performed by Samuel. However, he had a hard time choosing him over his brothers. He was so focused on the physical attractiveness of his older brothers that he could not focus on what’s within. However, God looks at the heart.

David may not have looked qualified for the position of king, but God knew that he was. Under David, Israel grew and became more spiritual. So do not be deceived by the appearances of people. God knows better. Listen to Him when you choose friends and relationships. He knows exactly what’s best.