3-on-3 at 3 a.m.: Sons of Aces and Serves Up take the Win

Written by Enaea Smith | Photo by Tierra Hayes
February 2, 2017

Sons’ of Aces and Serves Up won Southern’s annual 3-on-3, double-elimination volleyball tournament this past Saturday. The tournament lasted around 8 hours starting at 7pm and ending at 3:34 a.m. with the championship games.

After losing only one game the whole night Sons’ of Aces won the men’s division against the previously undefeated Oo Killem with a score of 25 to 18. Serves Up, the winners of the women’s division went up against You Ok? winning by two points with a score of 15 to 13.

Both teams got bragging rights and t-shirts as a prize.

Sammy Duany, one of the players on Sons’ of Aces, expressed that they had high hopes for their team. “I think the reason we won is because we wanted it more, we pushed for it,” said Duany.

This championship was a huge victory for David Grau and Christian Bunch, two players on Sons’ of Aces, as this was their last tournament before they graduate this coming May. “We had some challenges, but we surpassed them as a team.” said Grau, “We knew we knew had to work harder when we lost our first game, but that only motivated us to win the championship.”

Melissa (Aika) Nishino, the captain of Serves Up, was also confident in her team’s ability and expected them to make it far. Carolina Lopez felt that their win was not without a fight though. “We played a lot of good teams, they gave us some hustle.” she said “It was really good to see that competition.”

As for the other two players, Raeann Butala and Brooklyn Moore, both were so happy to win they could hardly speak.

The volleyball tournament kicks off the beginning of the volleyball season and many have high hopes for the season after seeing how well teams performed during the tournament.