Generous Tippers advance in women's tournament

Written by Caleb Begley
March 23, 2017

The Generous Tippers defeated Notorious D.I.G. in the Women’s B-league volleyball tournament on Monday two sets to one. With the victory, the Generous Tippers advanced in the women’s B-league tournament.

The first set was dominated by the Tippers, as their offensive maneuvers quickly outpaced the Notorious D.I.G.’s defense, even though D.I.G. had taller players that were able to effectively spike the ball.

However, that spiking sparked D.I.G. as they took the second set thanks to great plays by its Front court setting and spiking the ball. The backcourt did its fair share of the work thanks to some good passes between players.

The third set would go to the Tippers in the closes set of the match. “We had passion,” said M.J. Drummond, captain of the Tippers and freshman pre med nursing major. “If you don’t have energy, you’re not going to play properly.”