Rees Cup: Stevie Wonder Shooters do their job

Written by Caleb Begley
February 16, 2017

The Stevie Wonder Shooters won the men’s A-League Championship in the Rees Series on Saturday night as they defeated Business as Usual by a final score of 47-32. The Stevie Wonder Shooters dominated, utilizing teamwork and solid offensive play to take home the victory.

The Stevie Wonder Shooters came out scoring, as they cruised through the first half, thanks to the joined efforts of Ricardo Scarfullery, senior nursing major, who led the team with 10 points and Cody Morford, junior general studies major and team captain. Their offense played hard through the half, and their defense was solid enough to keep Business as Usual out of their range.

The second half went better for Business as Usual, thanks in part to the play of Marc-Anthony Pierre, senior theology major, and Gabriel Hernandez, sophomore business administration major, who was the lead scorer with 8 points.

Joey Eugene, senior nursing major, said, “It felt amazing because no one but our team believed in us winning it all. That’s what we used as motivation to get to the championship and getting those shirts.”

“We could have gotten down and discouraged in the second half, but we stayed resilient,” Morford said. “Winning the championship meant so much to this group of guys because many of us are from the same team that won two years ago.”

Business as Usual captain, Nathan shires, senior theology major, said that the loss was a hard one but that the Stevie Wonder Shooters played intensely and deserved the win.