Cool your jets, Democrats!

Impeaching Donald Trump could be the Democratic Party’s greatest achievement since electing the first African American president. Trying to impeach him and failing, however, would be worse for Democrats than losing the election to Trump in the first place and it could be dangerous for the future.

The news is buzzing with Democrats talking about impeaching Trump. Here’s a basic summary explaining why: Trump called the Ukrainian president and asked him to investigate Joe Biden. Because Biden is a Democratic presidential candidate, many Democrats feel that Trump’s phone call was an attempt to damage a political opponent, which could be grounds for impeachment.   

Failing to impeach Trump would be disastrous for the Democrats. For one thing, Trump and his supporters would have an easy way to counter any Democrat accusing Trump of committing crimes. Republicans would gloat over Trump’s innocence supposedly being proven for years, pointing to the failed impeachment as a prime example of the bogus “witch hunt” led by Democrats. 

Also, if Trump remained in office after surviving impeachment, it would be the single greatest media boost to his re-election campaign that Trump has ever received. He would use it to rile up his supporters and drown out the Democrats. It would be like handing Trump the election on a silver platter!

Democrat politicians would face major embarrassment and backlash from their supporters. Democrats might accuse their representatives of botching the impeachment, and would lose votes as their supporters deserted, fed up with their party’s failure.

Finally, failure could be dangerous for the future. Because impeachment is rare, it’s not a concrete process. If Democrats try and fail to impeach Trump, it says what he did is not an impeachable offense. This means it would be difficult to impeach any future president for the same offense, setting a dangerous precedent.