How to Make Your Google Home Mini Work at SAU

If you use Spotify, you probably saw the promotional ad offering up a Google Home Mini’s to its Premium Individual and Premium Family account members, free of charge. If you are like me, you probably thought the offer was too good to be true, so you ordered one yourself. Update: I received my chalk-colored Google Home Mini two weeks later, only to find out…it didn’t work on SAU’s Wi-Fi. Now what? Put it back in the box and take it home for the holidays? Use it as decoration?

I called Google and 30 minutes later, couldn’t get the issues resolved. I even called SAU’s IT department to see if they could help. Long story short, they couldn’t. I was confused, but determined to make this speaker work. I searched on Google for help and found someone who had the same problem and posted steps. Here are the steps provided so you can enjoy your favorite album on repeat.

Disclaimer: The speaker functionality works, but not ability to command the speaker unless connected through hotspot.


  1. You need a phone (phone #1) that can have both Wi-Fi on, be connected to the WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi network as well as have the mobile hotspot turned on (I have the Galaxy s9+ and the Wi-Fi share function is turned on).
  2. You need a second phone. The second phone is where you will do the setup! Personally, I have an old galaxy s6 edge, but anything else (like your roommates phone) will work as long as it is compatible with the Google Play Store (or App Store) and the Google Home app. (You can just borrow someone else’s phone for a bit. After the setup, the second phone is not needed and you can use your main phone, which is phone number #1).

The setup:

1) Install Google Home app from the Google Play store on both devices.

2) Make sure phone #1 or your main phone, which you want to use the speaker with, is connected to the WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi connection.

3) Turn Wi-Fi hotspot on for phone #1. Your phone should then be both connected to the Wi-Fi and act as a hotspot at the same time.

4) Connect to the hotspot from phone #2.

5) Open Google Home Mini from phone #2, and go through the setup.

6) When setup is complete, you’ll want to change a setting in the Google Home app.

7) Go to Settings > paired Bluetooth devices > enable pairing mode.

8) Go to settings > Bluetooth > connect to your speaker (do the same with other phone if you want it also Bluetooth paired to the speaker).

6) After setting it up, you can move to phone #1 and listen to Spotify or etc. From there onwards and phone #2 is no longer required.

7) You should be able, at this point, to use phone #1 to control music. It should also appear in your Spotify, nearby devices, etc.

If you need help or more detailed instructions, send me an email: