Immigrant Laws: For Better or Worse?

In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court recently made it difficult for immigrants of low income to come to the United States, and also made it harder for those already in the country to stay.

 As of Jan. 27, this new rule is in place in all states except Illinois. This public charge rule, which has been in the process since August of 2019, gives immigration officers the ability to deny a visa to anyone who does not meet the economic standard. 

Since the decision from the Supreme Court was released last week, there have been many discussions whether the law is helpful to the country or not. Many have argued  that, as politicians and people of the government, it is important that they think about the well-being of the country and those that are already in it. Many have worried that the influx of immigrants has become too much for the country’s economy to handle. However, does this law really solve this “problem”?

There are currently many legal immigrants in the country who help contribute to the economy, who now are in a situation where going for healthcare could potentially get them a “public charge”. 

Portico Healthnet President Meghan Kimmel predicts that as a result of this charge, many people who are eligible for the benefits offered by the country will withdraw their memberships due to the fear that they may lose their right to being an American citizen. Many healthcare professionals have spoken up and said that if people are refusing to access things such as healthcare or free food provisions, they run the risk of having outbreaks such as measles and hepatitis.

 Furthermore, many of the resources the government is paying for in the offered benefits will go to waste, as many people will avoid them. Overall, the new rule does not seem to help the country’s economy and it is leaning towards a more negative effect instead. 

Trump claims that the reason behind his wanting this law passed is because he hates to see tax-paying people pay for the benefits of those who don’t pay taxes. However, there are many immigrants that pay taxes, despite low-income, and there are also non-immigrants that don’t. He believes that the charge will help the country. Of course, since the law has just recently been approved, we can only speculate whether it will actually help the country or harm it.



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