Intramurals Basketball Playoffs

The basketball regular season for Southern’s Intramurals is over.

It was a tight race for the top seed in Men’s A League. Redemption, Air Monarchs and Pocket Change all had the same record of 6-2. It will definitely be interesting to see who will be able to win in the playoffs.

In Ladies A League, Chicken Noodle Hoops finished their season with only one loss. As clear favorites to win the championship, will they be able to handle the pressure, or will there be a big upset?  Men’s B league is loaded with 12 teams making up two separate divisions. On top for the East are the Young Bloods with a perfect record of 8-0. Matching that record, Old School has taken first seed in the West. With 12 teams there is plenty of basketball left to be played in Men’s B league. In the Women’s B league, it’s anyone’s guess. Two teams are tied for first with a 7-1 record; Southern Breeze and Dream Team. Following close behind with 6 wins and two losses are Fresh Meat. Even the Migas have a respectable record of 5-3. It’s going to be a battle in Lady’s B league this year for sure. Men’s C league looks to be interesting as well with City of Brotherly Dubs coming out on top and Woj Bombs and Lavar’s Children not far behind.




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