It’s not fair

As a person who has traveled from country to country, I can assure you that getting a visa, especially if you are from a third world country, is not easy. I can only imagine that the process of migration is much more tedious and unnecessarily difficult. 

I understand that the process is meant to ensure that those who are responsible will be the ones settling into the United States of America. However, I do not see the need to make it harder for low income immigrants to remain in the United States. People can always find loopholes and the problem of illegal immigrants will increase. The reasoning behind this bill is that immigrants are bad for the economy, but what the government does not realize is that the same people still buy things and they do important jobs that no one else is willing to do. 

As an immigrant, the process to settle in the U.S. is very expensive. It is unfair that low income immigrants who went through the whole process and spent all that money should have difficulty staying. They probably did it so that they could escape harsh conditions in their previous countries. As for those who want to come to the United States, I believe that everyone should get an equal opportunity, and there should not be any prejudice against anyone simply because of how much money they earn. 

One might argue that security is a big concern when it comes to the low income population. However, the people who have posed security threats to the public in the past did not arrive as low-income immigrants; most arrived either as tourists or were American born citizens according to a list of terror attacks in the US by the CNN. At the end of the day, completely,getting rid of low income immigrants can cause an economic imbalance because according to an article by “The Balance” , immigrants in general have propelled 15% of the U.S economic growth between 1990 and 2014. Therefore the cut back in immigrants would affect the economic growth and it denies people the opportunity of a better life.



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