I believe that Martin Luther King Day strongly represents what service should be. Southern students could have decided to stay in the warmth of their housing, relax or catch up on studying and work. However, many took time out of their day to do something for the local community.

Serving comes in many different forms and Southern students displayed multiple acts of kindness throughout the community. Students took part in helping homeless people find clothes to stay warm during the winter, and cleaned up areas such as the biology trails, churches and classrooms. Other acts of service included making beds for children, performing songs or pieces in hospitals or schools and fellowshiping with elderly people in nursing homes.

Obviously, there were many other acts of service that Southern students did throughout the day, and these are just a few of them. The point is that with each of these acts, the students helped out the community in some way. Their services may have brought a smile to someone’s face, made the area look a little cleaner or helped out people who may have been struggling with something. Through these acts of service, Southern students probably inspired the people they were helping out to engage in their own acts of service.

MLK Day gives Southern students the opportunity to serve their community, since they’re so busy throughout the majority of the semester. With so many students doing all these different acts of service, I am sure that we have reached out to so many people including our own students. Other students who may have not been interested in MLK Day have seen the impact of what students that did serve on MLK day could do, and are now probably interested in serving the community the next chance they get. How do you want to serve your community today?



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