NFL Heating Up in Week 13

The question after week 13 in the NFL is if anyone can stop Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. After a close game, only winning by a last-second field goal to put them up 20-17 over the 49ers, the Ravens proved they are a clear favorite to come out of the AFC. The other favorite being the New England Patriots with a record of 10-2 lost to the Ravens in Week 9 by 17 points. With these two wins and a record of 10-2 (with eight straight wins), it is hard to deny how dominant the Ravens have been despite how quickly they have become successful. With such a powerful run-pass option on offense, defenses have not found a way to stop Baltimore’s high scoring offense. The NFC has its own monster in the 49ers who have the best defense in the league. Somehow the 49ers have managed to turn around a 4-12 team last year and make themselves #1 in the NFC with a record of 10-2. Another team to watch out for is the Seattle Seahawks who have a great record of 9-2. The Seahawks gave the 49ers the first of their only two losses. Russell Wilson has been playing phenomenal this year and is a frontrunner for MVP. If anyone can cause some upsets in the playoffs, it’s the Seattle Seahawks. Speaking of upsets, after a disappointing loss on Thanksgiving the Cowboys seem to be giving the NFC East top seed to the Eagles who had an easy schedule in the last five weeks. However, after an outstanding performance from DeVante Parker with 2 touchdowns and 159 receiving yards to give the Dolphins a 37 to 31 win over the Eagles, it is anyone’s guess who will be able to come out of the NFC East.