Parents Weekend: What You Need to Know

According to administration assistant for student development, Teri Reutebuch, Southern is expecting to host 200-250 family members for its biennial Parents Weekend, giving students’ parents the opportunity to experience campus with their children from Feb. 14 through 16.

Once parents register at Talge or Thatcher Hall, they can attend classes, vespers and a mission expo with their children on Friday. Families can also walk the campus trails, visit the Student Park Cave, watch the Rees Series Basketball Finals or listen to a concert on Saturday. The last event will be on Sunday in the dining hall where families can attend Christian comedian Kerri Pomarolli’s performance   

“[Parents Weekend] is an opportunity for students to invite their parents to see what they do on a day-to-day basis, meet their friends, professors, and bosses,” said Kari Shultz, director of student life and activities.

Parents Weekend may prove to be a difficult arrangement for parents that live far away. 

“My family lives in California, so they probably won’t come to it. But I think it’s an interesting idea,” said Brenna Potter, a  graphic design senior. “If they were close, I would have them come because I think it would be funny to watch them see what I do [every day]. ”

According to Shultz,  Parents Weekend is currently scheduled to happen every even-year. She believes events like these allow parents to feel more comfortable on campus. 

“I just want parents to come and enjoy time with their students,” Shultz said.


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