Project Refresh works to bridge gaps in the Adventist church

Southern’s Marketing and University Relations has recently decided to sponsor Project Refresh, an initiative created by the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventist in 2018 that produces online content for young adults in the Seventh-day Adventist church. This project was created by Rebecca Carpenter, the Carolina Conference’s director of communications, to connect generations within the Adventist church.

Carpenter came up with the idea to make content for young people, specifically from the ages of 18-35, because she saw how many are uninvolved or even leaving the church.

Project Refresh includes a variety of content, such as “The Loop” vlogs that include how-to’s on adulting, a podcast calledEcho that discusses difficult topics within the church, and “Tiny Chair Talks,” which addresses subjects that no one is readily willing to discuss. In order to continue the work of Project Refresh, the Carolina Conference asked Southern to be a sponsor.

 Isaac James, Southern’s director of Marketing and University Relations, said he likes the initiative and wants to see Southern’s logo beside this content so more young people may be attracted to the project.

“Project Refresh answers hard questions that will help college students be more prepared for life, both academically and for their careers, but also spiritually–the power for their minds and souls,” said James, referring to Southern’s motto.

Rachel Beaver, a December 2019 public relations graduate, interned with Project Refresh for the past two summers. Beaver says Refresh’s goal is to encourage healthy conversation.

“We [Project Refresh] want to show that we’re listening. The big issues are being talked about and not just swept under the rug, like so many younger people believe that church higher-ups do,” Beaver said.

Beaver encourages Southern students to get involved with Project Refresh by making their own “What if?” vlog. The Carolina Conference wants students to try a positive life experiment, film it and send the raw footage. “What if I went vegan for a week?” or “What if I made a point to be nice to someone that hates me?” are just a few ideas given by Beaver.

Overall, Beaver said that the main goal of Project Refresh is to bridge the gap between the generations in the Adventist church.

“Young people want to feel like they’re being heard by their church leaders. Project Refresh wants to tell those young people, ‘Hey, we’re listening.’”

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