Sleep Responsibly

 “Let’s say you go to sleep late, for example, 12 a.m.,” my Fitness for Collegiate Life instructor said.

Immediately, one of my classmates interjected, “That’s not late!”

I remember hoping that classmate didn’t have an 8 a.m. class. 

Let’s be real. College students struggle with sleeping; there is no denying that fact. However, I don’t believe colleges are obligated to help their students sleep. This is because the  responsibility should always rest on the individual. This is true whether students sleep late for boredom’s sake or because of the stress and anxiety schoolwork can cause. 

If a college student loses sleep for the fun of staying up late, that student should be responsible and expect exhaustion the next morning. I would share details about these students’ nightlives, but I’m not sure what they do during those hours because of my 11 p.m. bedtime. I’m told the freshmen hall and Talge lobby are notorious for their late-night festivities. For this group of students, universities could provide all the education and melatonin pills they want, yet they would continue showing up to class sleep deprived.

However, many college students also know their sleep issues aren’t so simple. Many are stressed due to school, work and other pressures throughout the semester. These anxious students want to get a good sleep but struggle to do so. For them, Southern already provides services to help with these issues. There’s tutoring for nearly every class, counseling and therapy, as well as massages at the Hulsey Wellness Center. These services can help students achieve better sleep, but it’s up to the students to use these services to their full advantage. 

Honestly, if universities decided to invest the money and effort to help students sleep better, I’d really like that. However, they aren’t obligated to do so. As adults, we are ultimately responsible for our sleep habits. Instead of expecting our hands to be held every step of the way, perhaps we can take ownership of our own lives; and by doing so, become all that we’re capable of being.