Student Spotlight: Laiza Silva

Laiza Silva, is a Brazilian and German junior Fine Arts major from Massachusetts. Struggling with self esteem issues at a young age, she turned to art as a way to battle society’s beauty standards.

When asked about her background, she described how life was different, stating how unconventional it was as she grew up. When she was younger, she was bullied often for not meeting the “beauty standards” of being skinny and petite. This led her to eating disorders. However, her mom was a positive influence, and as one of the strongest people she knew, helped her to learn how strong and amazing women are.

This influence led her to be inspired by body positivity. She created different art pieces throughout her life, taking photography and portraiture in high school. She became more serious about art in college, as she incorporated painting and ceramics.

“[Art] is a calling,”  Silva said. “It is an expression–a means of communication. Art has been able to say more than words could ever say.”

Art was her way of communicating to those who struggled to accept their body.

“[Art] is a window into the artist’s mind and shapes them into what they are and what they care about,” Silva said.

She describes her art as a contemporary style. She is inspired by body-focused art, paintings and women, especially her mom. She is motivated by “the reaction and impact that it has made on women and the impact it has done to them.

“I am doing [art] for my younger me, especially for someone who looks like me or who are still affected by stereotypes,” Silva said.

She believes that God will lead her into what she is called to do after she completes her degree.

“I will [continue] to sell my work. My dream is to have a shop, like a coffee shop or an art gallery selling local art that includes a poetry night.”

She encourages others who are pursuing art to question themselves.

“Ask yourself why. What are your goals? You should definitely do [whatever it is] if you feel that it is a calling and not worry about money. If it is worth it to you, then do it.”

Outside of being an artist, Silva considers herself a plant mom, with plants surrounding the different parts of her home. Silva also collects crystals and does puzzles outside of art and school.

If you’re interested in purchasing Laiza’s ceramic pieces or seeing other art pieces, visit her Instagram @laiceramics.



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