This is not how we grow spiritually

 I do not agree with the system of enrichment credits. I understand why the school implements them. As this is a Christian college, it makes sense that attending worship is expected. However, I don’t believe they help anyone in their Christian life.

The idea of forcing worship often causes disgust and annoyance with religion, especially for those already questioning their faith. I consider faith and my relationship with God to be very important in my life, but I absolutely loathe attending worships when they are required for credit. I feel like it devalues the meaning of worship and makes my Christianity into a graded subject. I get most of my worship credits from LifeGroups.

I love both of my LifeGroups so much so that I would attend even if I didn’t get credit. I never go to convocation unless they have cultural credits, because I know I’m fine on my worship credits. I feel like that’s the mood a lot of people hold on campus, and that isn’t good for spiritual growth. And if students don’t reach the required number of credits, they have to pay a fee. What if they have class or work during convocation times? That’s basically fining someone for not being spiritual enough. Think on that.