Underdogs in the NBA

With not much time left before All-Star weekend, some teams have been making big moves for seeding.

The Toronto Raptors have climbed the ladder with 11 consecutive wins. It is surprising that the Raptors have the same record that they had(with Kawhi Leonard last year with 36 wins and 14 losses.

With the constant improvement of Pascal Siakam, they have managed to have a great record without the Finals’ MVP’s help.

Another interesting story for the East is the return of Victor Oladipo to the Indiana Pacers. In his first game back, he had nine points in just 20 minutes of playing time. In typical fashion, taking a go-ahead three to win the game, Victor proved that he still has what it takes to lead his team.

 A team that might surprise fans with their recent success in the West is the Utah Jazz. For a while, they had made it all the way to second seed,  only falling short to the L.A. Lakers. With some tough losses, they have fallen to fourth seed behind the Denver Nuggets and the L.A. Clippers.

A team that has been flying under the radar the whole season, with only four wins off second seed in the West, is the Oklahoma City Thunder. It seemed bleak for them at the beginning of the season after trading Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets. The fact is that without him, they have done just fine, looking to easily have a spot in the playoffs, only being one game behind Houston, Westbrook’s new team.



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