Valentines day: ideas for couples, singles, and friends

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Skip the roses and chocolate (unless, of course, you or your significant other loves receiving those) and try something different. Haven’t had a chance to think of what to do this weekend? Check out these ideas: 

For the couples: 

  1. Feeling adventurous? Take a drive downtown, rent some bikes and explore the sights. Check out a restaurant you two haven’t eaten at before. Another option could be to map out various restaurants in the area and visit each one.
    Here is a list of restaurants to try out:
    – Tony’s Pasta Shop & Trattoria
    – Conga Latin Food
    – Hummingbird Pastaria
    – Tupelo Honey 
  2. Did you know that downtown Chattanooga has a free electric shuttle service? Take it around and explore the city together without the hassle of driving from one place to another. 
  3. Take a day-trip and spend the day in Atlanta, Knoxville or Nashville. 

For the singles: 

  1. Take yourself on a date. Explore a new restaurant or check out an event that’s going on this weekend. 
  2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day the day after. Head over to the local grocery store and purchase discounted candy at 75% off. 
  3. For the traveler: take an overnight/weekend trip to Atlanta or Nashville and explore the city. 
  4. For the artist: check out the Hunter Museum’s current collection. 

With the girl friends: 

  1. Create a charcuterie board. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest and the board provides a variety of different finger foods for everyone to enjoy including cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Pair with some Martinelli’s, invite some girl friends over and spend some quality time together. 
  2. If you’ve seen Noah Centineo in the book-turned-Netflix-movie “To All the Boys I Loved Before,” then you’re probably excited to watch the sequel “P.S. I Love You.” 
  3. Take a spur-of-the-moment trip and travel to Asheville this weekend and explore the different attractions, restaurants and views it has to offer. 

With the bros: 

  1. Check out the Coin-Op Arcade. It’s a video arcade located in downtown Chattanooga. Inside, there are a number of arcade games, including pinball and PAC Man. Gather some bros together and spend some competitive time together. 
  2. Take a trip to Atlanta and hit the tee at Topgolf. 
  3. See what concerts are performing this weekend, get some bros together and sing at the top of your lungs.



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